How do you pronounce it?
SiElle is pronounced like the letters “C” “L” .

From where did the name come?
“Elle” is the French word for the feminine pronoun “she” and was selected to clearly identify that SiElle Constructors, LLC is a 100% woman-owned business enterprise. The letters “C” and “L” also represent the initials of the Company’s founder, M. Collette Lambert.

What type of work does SiElle perform?
SiElle is a commercial and industrial general contractor and holds a Building Construction License and will perform all scopes permitted by license. SiElle provides site supervision and self-performs civil concrete construction, rough carpentry and some finishes. SiElle subcontracts with pre-qualified entities to perform other scopes.

Is SiElle also insured and bonded?
But of course!

Due to Ms. Lambert’s 15-years of experience as Risk Manager for a commercial general contractor, SiElle offers standard coverage with A+ rated Amerisure Insurance, including limits typically required for projects $5,000,000 or greater: General liability of $1M/$2M, Auto of $1M, Umbrella Coverage of $3M and statutory WC with $1M EL. Endorsements for additional insured and waivers of subrogation when required by written contract are available.

Likewise, her long-standing close business relationship with bonding agents and her personal high credit rating provided access to bonding if required.

What is meant by “A New Perspective” SiElle claims to offer?
The intent of “A New Perspective” is to build an organization as a cooperative so that every committed employee is a stakeholder in the overall success of the organization and reaps the rewards of such success.

Tell me more.
Technically, not in the form of a question, but I’ll be “cooperative”. 
The word co-operative, when used as a noun, lends itself to describe an organization that is owned and run jointly by its members, or in this case, employees or “stakeholders”, who share in the profits or benefits.
The operational design of SiElle Constructors, LLC allows significant profit sharing with committed employees, whereby the NIBT from completed projects is shared as follows:
• 25% to employees in semi-annual bonuses
• 25% to supplement employees’ retirement savings
• 25% to be reinvested in the organization
• 25% to be used at the discretion of management

How does SiElle intend to accomplish such high ideals?
To gain entry into what might seem to be an already saturated commercial construction market, where profit margins are tight, SiElle’s designation as a “Disadvantaged Business Enterprise” should provide access to greater margins, which benefit members of the cooperative, i.e., the entire committed employee base.

Why the paternalistic approach?
Can you rephrase “paternalistic” to “maternalistic”, please?

OK, why the “maternalistic” approach?
Why not?

How do we expect construction industry employees to provide for their families with a wage which is below the level of poverty? The average wage on a construction jobsite, exempting those in supervision, is not a livable wage. Society has a constant need for structures and facilities, and the people on whose backs these projects are built should be elevated to a higher societal economic value. (Same goes for education, but I am picking this particular battle and will leave that to others.)

Can a woman be a good general contractor?
Is that the joke or the punch line? Ba-domp-bomp.

The success of any business organization is rooted in fiscal responsibility, unwavering integrity, workforce stability and responsiveness. The strength of an organization’s LEADERSHIP determines how well these imperatives are achieved.

SiElle’s organizer, M Collette Lambert, has been a LA licensed CPA since 1990 and has been a member of executive management of a commercial general contractor since 1999. She served for many years on the board, as well as the President, of the local chapter of a national non-profit dedicated to the elimination of racism and the advancement of women. She also serves as a liaison to the Baton Rouge Diocese for her church parish. She espouses a “give it all you got…and then a little more” mentality in all endeavors, professionally and personally.